Leinolat Group’s way of working adds value

Leinolat Group Leinolat Group’s subsidiaries are the leading stars in their fields. T-Drill, Kilkanen and Uwira are great examples of this.
COMPOSED of family-owned companies, the Leinolat Group's subsidiaries are the leading stars in their own fields. Uwira, Kilkanen, Leimec and Adiabatix focus on subcontracting for the energy sector, and T-Drill is the world's leading supplierof tube and pipe fabrication solutions. The Group also has minority holdings in the mailbox company Bobi.com and the engineering and additive manufacturing start-up Origo Engineering.

"The purpose of our solutions is to increase our customers' productivity. Our products have long life cycles and are easy to service, which makes them also ecologically sustainable choices. Our vision is to be a responsible forerunner and valuable partner", says the Group CEO Lars-Erik Schöring.

LEINOLAT GROUP aims to be a smart production partner for its customer. Because it has severalcompanies that produce products with the capacity to be integrated into complete solutions,the group is able to offer its customers larger systems. Uwira supplies modular pipe structures and specialises in demanding project delivery solutions. Kilkanen offers top-quality machining solutions for demanding industries using modern and efficient equipment. Leimec designs and manufactures ventilation solutions for power plants, often for extreme climatic conditions. Adiabatix produces easy to install insulation solutions for demanding requirements in ships and power plants.

"We are competing in tough sectors, withvery demanding customers. That is why we keep our finger on the pulse and invest in the most advanced machinery. We continuously develop our production processes and products in order to supply comprehensive solutions", says Schöring.
Lars-Erik Schöring

LEINOLAT GROUP has extensive experience and excellent understanding of the energy business and its customers' needs.

"We are able to see the whole picture, because the people in our companies have extensive experience and know-how in their specific fields. We always use our expertise to benefit the customer", Schöring says.

T-Drill is the largest company in the group and also an excellent example of how an Ostrobothnian SME can bring added value to customers worldwide.

"We are very proud of T-Drill, which in a competitive environment is capable of supplying and servicing tools and solutions for pipe fabrication in about 50 countries every year. T-Drill has excellent products and a global sales network. However, this alone does not guarantee a bright future, whichis why we continuously develop our operations. That's just how we work."

Original text: Coastline.fi

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