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We are specialized in producing pipes and pipelines for various industries, such as oil, gas and nuclear power industries.

We manufacture pipe components from steel and stainless steel and other materials. The diameter of pipes for bending can range from 6 to 219 mm. Typical wall thicknesses are from 1 to 7 mm (max 14 mm).

We manufacture prefabricated pipes, which have accurate dimensions and are easy to install. In a year, we dispatch almost 100,000 pipe components of different types from our plant. We can manufacture individual products or product series. Products can be produced according to drawings provided by the customer, according to a model or by designing the drawings for the customer if necessary.

We have a modern and extensive range of machines for prefabrication in our plant. Pipe bending is carried out with CNC-controlled pipe bending machines. Pipe surfaces are treated and protected according to customer's specifications.

We can also assemble prefabricated parts into modules or deliver pipe racks, where pipes are pre-mounted to support structures designed by us. Pipe racks can be prepacked and delivered in containers. Such arrangements speed up the installation of piping systems in projects.

We conduct tests and inspections to products according to relevant product classifications, as requested by the customer. We also provide the documentation needed for the customer.

With our 3D measuring equipment we have reduced the duration of inspections to a minimum. In addition to large batches we are also able to manufacture small series competitively and flexibly.

We are especially proud for our dimensional accuracy - the processes required for the production of demanding components are functional also in the production of other items.

Production in conformity with specifications and traceability are vital for our customers. The more demanding the object, the more essential becomes traceability.

Documentation is formed in the course of the process: we produce document sets at different levels and in various scopes according to the needs of the customer.

Our production includes certified pipes, which must adhere to specific requirements that we have identified. Manufacturing in conformity with the requirements, traceability and required sets of documents are provided without any special request.

Contact us for details! With our flexible small batch production, we can produce for you one item, 0-series, a prototype or recurring batches.


We manufacture double walled pipes for extremely demanding systems. Double walled pipes are used, for example, for thermal insulation or to ensure process safety.

Double walled pipes are used instead of single walled pipes, for example, to prevent product leaks. The space between the internal and external pipe could also be monitored for leaks (or even pipe failure). As such, it has advantages compared to single walled pipes.

Double walled pipes are manufactured especially for gas and fuel systems, where the pressure can be high. In case of a leak, risks are minimum with the double wall structure. The majority of Uwira double wall piping systems are delivered to motor fuel systems in marine applications.

Double walled pipes are manufactured to customer requirements, to endure even up to 2000 bar. We manufacture the pipes from different materials, such as steel, acid-proof steel, Duplex, Super-Duplex Stainless steel.

Double walled pipes are hydrostatically tested or tested to hold and maintain a targeted gas pressure prior to first use.

Our company develops and supervises activities related to standards, classifications, measuring and inspection in a continuous process. We also cooperate with classification institutions to ensure the quality and safety of our products.


Products and services

Double walled pipes

Examples of the measures:
  • internal pipe Ø 200 external pipe Ø 250mm
  • internal pipe Ø 80 external pipe Ø 125mm
  • internal pipe Ø 25 mm external pipe Ø 38 mm
  • internal pipe Ø 17,15 mm external pipe Ø 26,67mm