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Core of our business philosophy:

We value skilled professionals and working with the customer. Cooperation with the customer in developing new products has been at the core of Leimec operations for over 50 years.

Leimec is one of the companies of Leinolat Group and is specialized in the delivery of ventilation solutions for power plants.

Leimec is located in Vaasa, an area which has brought together world-class operators in the energy field. A large cluster has emerged in the city and its neighbourhood, where the companies have specialized in different products and manufacturing technologies.

We optimize life-cycle costs by thinking of the whole

We deliver air handling solutions by the turnkey principle. When in charge of the ventilation of a whole power plant, we are able to provide a cost-efficient solution.

For this reason, in the systems which we have executed, both the operability as well as all expenses from materials to operating costs have been optimized. Optimization also includes on-site testing as well as logistics solutions. We make sure already in the designing and production stage that the products would be easy to install and could be quickly commissioned. This requires careful consideration of requirements established by the country of installation, for example regarding electrification.

Finland is a cold country, where everything has to function in any weather

The Finns are practical people. We are used to changing weather and temperature fluctuations. When we design solutions for our customers, we already prepare for the worst: constant moisture, salty air, freezing cold or sandy wind.

Operating level can also vary from continuous use to power plants with steep peak alterations. Our solutions are designed and executed to function and endure - in all conditions.

Overall economic solution serves both the customer and use

At heart we are product developers.

We want to be efficient. This is why we are more like partners for the customer, always seeking for a better outcome in cooperation with the customer, with a better overall economic solution for the customer.