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The future of machining is in 5-axis machining centres. We are working on a production process that could manufacture completed parts to with a single mounting. Our investment in several Mazak centres, a scanning 3D measurement unit, and CAM programming ensure short lead times and accurate results. Utilizing future technologies to increase productivity is a vital part of our strategy.

The 5-axis machining enables us to machine intricate elements with different double-curved surfaces. The machine can run five axes simultaneously. Certain forms cannot be machined without this feature. With the five-axis machining, a piece can be machined from five sides with a single setting.

This contributes to shorter lead times. Manufacturing a product with a single setting also ensures adherence to manufacturing tolerance requirements. The centres feature smooth series control. This becomes handy with 3D models, which can be read directly to the control of the machining unit. 3D model utilization shortens lead times and reduces the risk of error. If requested, we can include documentation in accordance with customer requirements with the delivery.