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From a single item to a whole product

Customers often ask us, do we know how or are we able to make one or another item. We find it difficult to say no, because the urge to find solutions is in the nature of our company. Production of thousands of extremely diverse parts for our customers proves that we have found the solutions.

Some items we produced as individual products, some in large batches. We also deliver assemblies.

Diverse production requires efficient preparation

Production of thousands of different products and finding solutions to customers' problems requires continuous development from us. We cannot waste neither our own nor our customers' time. This has encouraged us to invest in machines and programs, which significantly help to minimize the setup period and shorten the lead time.

Competence comes from professional expertise and pride

The latest technology is of no use, if there are no professionals working in the company. Our employees have the opportunity to learn what is new, and participate in production development and working out the methods for producing customers’ products. This requires genuine enthusiasm and interest in the field. Our employees have a long and diverse experience in machining, and genuine interest in our machines and operating the machines.

Quality is born from daily acts - production of products with accurate measurements, precisely as shown in drawings, is the responsibility of each and every employee.

We are the partners of the designer

Manufacturing technologies are rapidly changing. This is why we are always ready and available to work together with our customers - to seek and find the best possible way for manufacturing. Discussing the work at hand many times together yields better products or a better way to produce products. Product development is especially important in case of complex or demanding parts or components.

In the midst of an energy cluster - in the midst of highly skilled experts

Vaasa is a small town, but the companies in the area are world-class operators in the energy sector. A large cluster has emerged in the city and its neighbourhood, where each company has specialized in the production technologies of its own field. The companies are engaged in close collaboration, with each focusing on its core knowhow. Each company invests in the newest technology and skills within the company. The cluster ensures top quality in production, because the investments and development of special skills are divided between several companies. The cluster also fosters green values: environmental burden can be reduced, for example, on account of lower need for transportation and packaging. Kilkanen belongs in Leinolat Group, where subsidiaries are part of this network. In its production processes Kilkanen utilizes the experts of the Group as well as external experts.