Uwira’s modular pipeline solutions are cost-effective and quick to install

Uwira’s modular pipeline solutions are cost-effective and quick to install Development Director Thomas Hägglund with 3D model.

Uwira manufactures piping modules and sub-assemblies for the shipbuilding, energy production, process, and oil and gas industries.Working with its customers, Uwira has grown into a top expert in developing the manufacturability of modular piping solutions and in manufacturing pipe and tube components.

"We deliver the modules as pre-tested assemblies. With this approach, we ensure fast and reliable commissioning at the installation site. The modules can be installed quickly, with fewer people, resulting in significantly reduced overall costs," says Uwira's Development Director Thomas Hägglund.

Uwira's target is to optimise the manufacturing processes of all its products. When the entire production chain is optimised, cost reductions are not the only benefits achieved:

"When optimising the manufacturing process, we determine, among other things, the manufacturing method and the amount of material to be used. By using potentially up to 50% less manufacturing material in our modular solutions, we also achieve a significant reduction in emissions in the production chain. At the same time, we reduce both our own costs and those of our customers. The multiplier effect of these choices in projects is high, when we pay attention to them systematically."

Uwira uses 3D design in optimising its manufacturing processes.

"3D design allows us to reconstruct the on-site installation in advance, which ensures the quick installation of our modular solutions. In meetings with customers, we sometimes choose to make 3D printed models to illustrate our solutions. Our 3D expertise is also utilized in the manufacturing of jigs for pipe component production."

Uwira's working methods cut costs

Uwira is one of the most experienced manufacturers of precision prefabricated pipe components, double walled pipes and pressure vessels. In addition to carbon steel and stainless steel pipes, Uwira also works, for example, with super duplex, heat-resisting materials and aluminium.

"In addition to pipe bending, we also use pipe spinning and flanging. We form flanges by the cold flanging method. Our machines form a flange or lip directly on the end of the tube, allowing the use of loose connectors. This method is more cost-efficient than welded neck flanges."

Collars in pipes is one of the methods Uwira uses. This works also for pipes with thick walls.

"With the collaring method, the collar is formed from the material of the pipe itself. A branch can be connected to the pipe collar by welding. For flanging and collaring, we use the machines and techniques developed by T-DRILL, a company belonging to the same Group."

Customers benefit from Uwira's efficient working methods and the attention to all stages of production right from the beginning of the project.

"We minimise the costs of the entire production chain, from design to product installation. Because we pay attention to every link in the production chain, we are able to make our operations extremely efficient. By making more efficient use of manufacturing materials and producing a hard-wearing product in one go, we also reduce the carbon footprint of our production."

Skilled staff are key in manufacturing

Uwira's products are manufactured by staff with long experience. The company invests in maintaining and further developing their skills through continuous training.

"We have a highly skilled workforce, both on the production line and in the office. Because our office staff play a big role in the manufacturability of our products, we are able to evaluate different solutions even before we start fabrication. This is how we anticipate and find solutions for potential challenges in advance. We sit at the same side of the table with our customers – our goal is to find solutions that will positively impact manufacturability and costs."

Thomas Hägglund is an energy expert. He has more than 30 years of experience from high-level work in the energy sector – mainly the export industry. Compared to his current role, he used to sit on the other side of the table.

"Becoming a supplier four years ago gave me a great opportunity to explore and optimise the production and products on the supplier side," Hägglund concludes.

Uwira is part of the Leinolat Group, which also includes Bobi.com, Leimec, Kilkanen and T-DRILL. Together, these companies offer a highly sophisticated and extensive range of metalworking services.

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